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Call: Marianna Maver, M.A.T., LMT
246 South River Avenue, Suite 41
Holland, MI 49423
(mobile #) 269-857-4170
My aim is to enhance the quality of your life by offering the benefits of therapeutic massage and  Integrative Yoga instruction tailored to your relaxation, pain-management and holistic wellness needs. I have practiced massage therapy since 1996, and have taught Yoga continuously since March of 2001. 

If you are looking to manage stress, to relieve chronic pain, or simply to feel more alert and alive, please consider adding regular massage therapy or a Yoga practice to your self-care activities . 

My clients and students come from diverse walks of life, with a wide range of ages, levels of ability and health issues represented.  I specialize in tailoring massage therapy sessions and Yoga classes to the specific health and relaxation needs of my clients and students.

Now you can relax.... Treat yourself, your friends, your family or your staff.

You deserve it!
Accepting New Massage Clients Now!
Massage Therapy Offerings:
Therapeutic/Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage:
In-studio rates:
30 -minute problem area:  $40.00
60-minute treatment:        $70.00
90-minute treatment:      $110.00
Outcall rates:
30-minute treatment:         $45.00
60 - minute treatment:       $75.00
90 -minute treatment:      $115.00

Please note that I accept payment by cash or check only, as I do not have the capability to use the Internet to process credit or debit cards in my downstairs office. Thank you for bringing cash or a check as payment for your session.


Because I work by myself, and do about half of my work out-of-office (in Allegan, Saugatuck and South Haven), I am not set up to take last-minute appointments. With sufficient lead-time, I am much more able to accommodate your specific massage appointment request. I welcome requests that are scheduled at least 6 to 24 hours in advance. Whether I can schedule a massage within a tighter time-frame than that depends upon where I am working, and what my schedule looks like at the time of your last-minute request... sometimes I can fit you right in, sometimes within a few hours, and sometimes it will be impossible to see you until the next day or the day after.  Please call to verify my availability for last-minute requests.    

With sufficient lead-time I can schedule appointments as early as 8 a.m, and as late as 7 p.m., any day of the week except Wednesdays, when my entire day is devoted to working with, and planning classes for, my Yoga students at Allegan County Community Mental Health.

Please also note that I am happy to schedule massage appointments on Saturdays or Sundays, also within the 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. time-frame.

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The Benefits of Relaxation through Therapeutic Massage or Yoga
Research shows that both therapeutic massage and Yoga-practice create a relaxation response which enhances the way your immune system works.  When your body is stressed, it creates stress hormones which have an irritating effect on the immune system. The immune system will automatically mobilize to fight the chronic irritation caused by these elevated stress hormone levels; this weakens you body's overall ability to fight disease. When your body is more relaxed, you have lower levels of stress hormones and your immune system doesn't have to put so much energy into fighting that irritation. Both therapeutic massage and Yoga practice increase chemicals in the brain that create feelings of well-being, and reduce the production of stress hormones.This lightens the workload on the immune system, freeing it to deal more efficiently and rapidly with factors outside yourself (bacteria or viruses you might come into contact with, for example) that might cause your body to break down or get sick.
In addition, both therapeutic massage and Yoga-practice:
  •  Increase circulation in the muscles
  •  Give you greater ease of motion
  •  Diminish chronic pain
  •  Help balance your nervous system
  •  Increase your ability to concentrate
  •  Make you feel GREAT!

Nurture... Therapeutic Massage and Yoga
Marianna Maver, M.A.T., LMT
246 S. River Avenue, Suite 41
Holland, MI  49423
(mobile #) 269-857-4170
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