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Marianna Maver, M.A.T., LMT, RYT-200
246 South River Avenue, Suite 41
Holland, MI 49423
(mobile #) 269-857-4170

Thank you for visiting my website.  Here's a little information about me: 
I am Marianna Maver, M.A.T., LMT, CYT  I have practiced massage therapy since 1996, seated massage since 1998, and have taught Yoga continuously since March of 2001.  I am a State of Michigan-licensed massage therapist.
I'm a graduate of and Massage Training Institute in Woodridge, Illinois (which, after 20 years in operation, was acquired by the Cortiva Schools of Massage). I practice Swedish, deep tissue and Trigger Point therapy for stress management and pain relief.  My chair massage technique blends Asian acupressure, and traditional Western massage techniques designed to enhance the recipient's overall feeling of well-being while reducing physiological levels of stress and enhancing clarity and focus. This technique was specifically designed to be offered in the workplace.
My initial training as a Yoga instructor was with Integrative Yoga Therapy, which takes a holistic approach to Yoga instruction that looks at not only physical but the energetic, emotional, thought-based and intuitive aspects of Yoga practice (and well-being). This very gentle approach is beneficial for everyone wishing to experience the long-term, holistic wellness benefits of Yoga.

I received my Yoga teacher certification from Essencia Yoga Wellness Center, in Wheaton, Illinois.  Essencia's approach is an eclectic mix of gentle, traditional, Sivananda-based Hatha Yoga with an emphasis on alignment awareness.

I am also a Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapist, and an Overcome Anxiety facilitator, certified through Sundara Yoga Therapy in Austin Texas, which is currently participating in research in Polyvagal Theory-based Yoga Therapy with survivors of traumatic abuse, and persons with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, through the office of Dr. Stephen Porges at of North Carolina.  

In conjunction with the Adult Outpatient department of Allegan County Community Mental Health, I conducted the first Yoga Therapy classes offered by a public mental health organization in Michigan (from 2013 to 2017, when funding was cut). 

My academic background includes graduate-level coursework through Western Michigan University's Holistic Health Care and graduate-level stress management coursework through National Louis University. I have a Master of Arts in Teaching from National Louis University, in Chicago, IL, and a B.A. from Hope College, in Holland, MI.

 My clients and students come from diverse walks of life, with a wide range of ages, occupations (each with their inherent physical stressors), levels of ability and wellness issues represented. My aim is to enhance the quality of my clients' lives by offering the benefits of therapeutic massage and  Yoga instruction tailored to their specific relaxation, pain-management holistic wellness needs.

Massage Therapy Testimonials 
"Best massage; you're the best...." -- Cheryl S., Arlington Heights, IL 

"I think... this is...the best massage I've ever had...!" -- Michele, Indianapolis, IN 

"This is the best massage I've ever had, and I get a LOT of massage!"  Susan, Guelph,ON 
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