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Marianna Maver, M.A.T.,               
Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified Yoga Teacher
Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapist
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Therapeutic Massage and Yoga classes!   
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Yoga Offerings:

Private Yoga Sessions:  Do you keep thinking you'd like to try Yoga, but you hesitate to start out in a group Yoga class?  Would you prefer to know a little bit about what you're doing before you "dive in" to a class situation?  I'll give you background enough to either move into a studio group class (where you won't get individualized attention or to start your own home practice.  Work one-on-one with me, at your own pace, savor your practice and refine your postures. This class is also ideal for those who need an optimally individualized therapeutic or adaptive Yoga class due to chronic pain issues or physical limitations (scoliosis, knee problems, etc).
--$300.00/ 6 one-hour classes.
   *Classes are paid-for monthly thereafter ($200.00 / 4 classes), paid in the first class day of the month.       
Adaptive Seated Yoga: For those who are less able-bodied, I teach a seated Yoga class with creative modifications just right for persons who have a difficulty getting up or down to the floor, for those who are frail, and those with joint replacements. Seated yoga can also be an effective alternative to floor Yoga in the workplace where space restriction might make it difficult for participants to spread their mats out on the floor.  
-- For classes of 4 participants or more, $90.00 per person per 6-week class,  paid in full on or before the first class. 

Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy/Overcome Anxiety Classes:  I am a Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapist, certified through Sundara Yoga in Austin Texas, which is currently participating in research in Polyvagal Theory, the relaxation response and Yoga with survivors of traumatic abuse, and persons with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, through the office of Dr. Stephen Porges at of North Carolina.

I conducted the first Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy classes offered by a public mental health organization in Michigan, at Allegan County Community Mental Health, from 2013 to 2017, when funding was cut. I welcome the opportunity to offer Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy/ Overcome Anxiety classes in conjunction with a private psychotherapy practice in the Holland/Zeeland/Grand Rapids/Muskegon, Michigan, area. Please call me if you are a psychotherapist and want to find out more about this service. 

Gentle Hatha Yoga Group Classes: Flexibility NOT required!  Round up 4 to 6 of your stressed-out friends who will make a firm commitment to attending an 8-week Hatha Yoga class, then work out a time when all of you can meet. I'll take it from there, putting together a program just for your group!   You'll practice Asana (Yoga postures), Mudra (Yogic hand gestures), Yogic breathing, meditation techniques, and will learn enough about Yoga philosophy to understand why we do this begin with!
-- For classes of 4 - 6, $190.00   

Office Yoga, Special Events and Getaways: I'm available to teach yoga classes - OR do massage - OR BOTH - in your office, or for special events such as birthday parties, pamper getaways, girls' (or guys'!) weekends aways, etc.. I am happy to develop a class for your office staff, or come to your home, rental cottage or B&B. 
-- $18.00 per person for groups of 4 or more, for a 1-hour class.
    $22.00 per person for groups of 4 or more, for an hour and a half class
    (Please refer to my Massage Page for information on out-call massage rates)
Please note that I accept payment by cash or check only, as I do not have the capability to process credit or debit cards in my basement studio. Thank you for bringing cash or a check as payment for your session.
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