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Massage and Yoga!   
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General In-Studio Appointment Hours:
Tuesday through Friday:  1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Hours by appointment scheduled in advance **

Weekend Appointment Hours: 
(In-studio or at your home, rental cottage or B&B)
Saturday and Sunday:  9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Hours by appointment scheduled in advance **

**If your only availability is on a day or at a time other than my general hours above, please call me!  
I'll make an effort to fit you in!

I also offer:
Sessions at Your Workplace:  
Reward your staff!  I will bring my massage chair to your office for regular sessions or for special events. I am also available to teach Yoga to groups of 4 or more at your workplace, either or as a one-time event.  
-- Massage Therapy rates below.  
   Refer to Yoga Instruction page for Yoga rates. 

Special Events, Getaways: I am also available for special events such as birthday parties, pamper getaways, girls' (or guys'!) weekends aways, etc., for massage therapy, a Yoga class, or both! I'm happy to come to your home, rental cottage or B&B. 
-- See Massage Therapy rates below and rates for Yoga outcalls on the Yoga   Instruction page. 

Massage Therapy Rates:
Therapeutic/Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage:
In-studio rates:
30 -minute problem area:  $40.00
60-minute treatment:        $75.00
90-minute treatment:      $110.00
Table Massage Outcall rates:
30-minute problem area:    $45.00
60 - minute treatment:       $80.00
90 -minute treatment:      $115.00

Seated Massage Outcall Rates:
-Parties of 3 or more, booking
3-6 per hour (i.e., 6 -10 minute, 4-15 minute or 3- 20- minute massages). Fees pro-rated additional time beyond one hour:   $80.00/hour                                                                 

Please note that I accept payment by cash or check only, as I do not have the capability to use the Internet to process credit or debit cards in my basement studio. Thank you for bringing cash or a check as payment for your session.

Massage Therapy Testimonials 

"Best massage; you're the best...." -- Cheryl S., Arlington Heights, IL 

"I think... this is...the best massage I've ever had...!" -- Michele, Indianapolis, IN 

"This is the best massage I've ever had, and I get a LOT of !"  Susan, Guelph 

 The Benefits of Relaxation through 
Massage Therapy or Yoga Practice
Research shows that both therapeutic massage and Yoga-practice create a relaxation response which enhances the way your immune system works.  When your body is stressed, it creates stress hormones which have an irritating effect on the immune system. The immune system will automatically mobilize to fight the chronic irritation caused by these elevated stress hormone levels; this weakens overall ability to fight disease. When your body is more relaxed, you have lower levels of stress hormones and your immune system doesn't have to put so much energy into fighting that irritation. Both therapeutic massage and Yoga practice can increase chemicals in the brain that create feelings of well-being, and reduce the production of stress hormones lightens the workload on the immune system, freeing it to deal more efficiently and rapidly with factors outside yourself (bacteria or viruses you might come into contact with, for example) that might cause your body to break down or get sick.
In addition, both therapeutic massage and Yoga-practice:
  •  Increase circulation in the muscles
  •  Give you greater ease of motion
  •  Diminish chronic pain
  •  Help balance your nervous system
  •  Increase your ability to concentrate
  •  Make you feel GREAT!
Nurture... Massage and Yoga
Marianna Maver, M.A.T., LMT, CYT, TIYT
246 S. River Avenue, Suite 41
Holland, MI  49423
(mobile) 269-857-4170
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